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Pripraviti prijavo za Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant

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Paul Gardner-Stephen iz Serval Projecta me je povabil, da se prijavim za flash grant, ki ga omogoča Shuttleworth Foundation za razne družbeno angažirane projekte. Znesek je $5k.

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My name is Mitar Milutinovic and I am one of the founders of wlan slovenija initiative. In our initiative we are aiming at covering whole Slovenia with open and free Internet access for everybody. We have determined two paths towards this:

  • encouraging people with existing Internet access of sharing it, mostly in cities
  • helping people without possibilities to connect to Internet because of various reasons, mostly in rural areas

Based on our experience we have found that it is not possible to base such initiative only on one of those motivations, but it should cover both. In this way each of them gives power and opportunities to the other.

In Slovenia, there is an interesting situation where in cities there are a lot of fiber connectivity to homes, while in rural areas people still have problems getting Internet connection. Because of this it is a very good testbed for deploying such a network as both groups of people are sufficiently large. We have been doing this since 2009 and since then deployed more than 150 active nodes. All this in completely volunteer fashion, where people are simply donating their Internet connectivity for others to use, and some people connecting to them, while at the same time extending the network's reach further.

What is special in our initiative is that we are not interested only in technical issues but also social. We believe technology should be easy to use and easy to deploy. Only in this way everybody can participate in deploying a common network, even if lacking technical knowledge. And this is visible also in the structure of people maintaining our network's nodes, which are mostly non technical people, just liking the idea of common and free Internet access and wanting to participate.

But for this to be possible technology should be made available in a way to be accessible for everybody. And we have developed open source tools exactly with this in mind. The main is a system called "nodewatcher" which allows easy planing, deployment and monitoring of nodes. It allows anybody to register a new node and without special technical knowledge in a mostly automatic way deploy it and later on see how it works, how people are using it, all this in a intuitive graphical web interface.

Our current plans are extending this system with a non-profit web store where people could after registration of the node order it to be delivered to them, prepared and ready for turning it on. In this way we would lover the costs as we would aggregate hardware orders of many into bulk orders. We have found this necessary as many would like to participate but have problems finding and buying necessary equipment.

At the same time we want for our network to be even more useable to people. So we are developing an info portal for use in wireless networks. The idea is that once a user connects to the network, she is presented with a portal with geo-targeted information about the node she is connecting to and surrounding area. But main feature is user-contributed content which can be easily published and in this way the network can become a common media for all users of the network to enjoy. They can share information, news, stories with each other, all this in the wireless manner.

For this portal to be really interesting, we are also attaching to nodes temperature and other sensors, converting them to small measurement devices allowing gathering real-time data from all sites where nodes are deployed. Once all this data is aggregated, it can be further processed, visualized, given for others to freely use and build upon.

We are searching for some independent funding for all this projects which would allow us to concentrate more on them and pay for costs like testing and prototype equipment.

All our technologies we are developing are open source and made in a way to be modular and reusable also in other networks. We are not so much developing low-level technologies (but we still participate in existing projects and contribute to them) but are developing a polished packages of them in a way to be easily useable and deployable in the best-practices manners. We believe that technologies themselves should guide their users in how to deploy such networks, having common technical knowledge encoded in them in an accessible manner. And this is often lacking in open source projects, which try to develop a solution, but forgetting the necessary polish on top of it to be really useable.

The main side-effect of our initiative we would like to see is to develop a set of open-source tools which would allow others all around the world to deploy similar people-based networks, even if they lack technical skills, and take their Internet connectivity in their own hands. To be empowered to do so!

More about our existing technologies can be found on our development webpage:


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Poslal zgoraj napisano.

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You have been nominated by Paul Gardner-Stephen to receive a Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant to support your work. We have a funding model that rewards brilliance and new ideas by awarding full-time Fellowships. However, bubbling around the periphery of our model it has become clear that there are voices that are not heard, ideas not seen and Fellows that are not ready to be Fellows - just yet... This is where you and the new Shuttleworth Flash Grant come in.

We tasked our Fellows to seek out and nominate an impressive change agent, who may not be able to concentrate on their brilliant idea yet. This grant is for the sum of $5,000 and will be awarded to you personally to bring that idea forward. The only string attached is that we ask you to live openly, tell us and the world what you have done with the money.


Share with the world how you used this award to bring your idea forward by no later than 19 October 2012.

List the 'Shuttleworth Funded' logo on your project website and/or personal blog for a six month period starting May 2012.

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Logotype needs to be added THIS MONTH on some pages (http://wlan-si.net/ and maybe also dev.), then it would be good to have a ticket as a reminder to publish something (blogpost or trac-ticket) on how the money was finally used.

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by mitar

Very true. Can you open please a new ticket for each of this things? (And close back this one.) Tickets also support reminders, so you can put some date before the deadline so that we will be notified.

Thanks for the help.

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