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Prepare peering agreement

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It is time to start using some kind of peering agreement when deploying nodes. While we all know each other it is easy to understand what means to deploy the node, but as the network grows, we might have issues understanding what means sharing Internet uplink and what means that traffic can be routed over your node.

So I am proposing that we create a license (not agreement) which allows people to connect/peer their node to the rest of the network under some conditions. Failure to adhere to these conditions revoke your right to connect to the network/peer with the network.

Some ideas of conditions:

  • you provide free transit across the node for others
  • you do not monitor, intercept, modify or interfere with data as it passes through your node, except when filtering or rate limiting is necessary in order to protect the network, or when required by law
  • you agree to allow others to connect/peer to your node under the same or compatible license or agreement
  • you publish under a free license the information necessary for connection/peering to take place
  • you agree to be contactable and will provide at least an email address
  • your node uses the network's name and its end-user SSID(s) only when end-user experience of the node is same to other nodes in the network, as possible by the technology used for the node
  • neither the network's name nor its SSID(s) may be used to endorse or promote networks, services or products based on the network, except for the network itself, without prior permission by network operators
  • you attribute the network where appropriate when explaining the connectivity or peering you, your services or products are providing, or base or depend upon

What you get:

  • you are free to connect/peer with the network and have traffic from your node be transmitted freely over the network
  • there is no guaranteed level of quality of service
  • the network is provided "as is", with no warranty or liability whatsoever of any kind
  • the network can be scaled back or withdrawn at any time with no notice


  • what about bad behavior which negatively influences the operation of the network (IP conflicts, for example), who and how we condition that?
  • what about some common services in the network? DNS? Internet gateway? what if there are conflicts among them, multiple people offering them?

Icons. I would create easy to understand icons to explain the main points of the license, in a similar way to CC licences. This would be a simplified version to display about the license. Something like:

You are free to connect and peer with the network, provided that:

  • you attribute the network for the connectivity, peering, and transit it provides
  • you allow free connectivity, peering, and transit across the node for others under the same or compatible license or agreement
  • you leave data as it is when it passes through your node

It is something like CC attribution, share-alike and no-remix. :-)

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comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by mitar

A comment about the reasoning: The idea is that I prefer the structure of the license. And that it is copy-left nature. I want to create something which can be easily summarized with icons, similar to CC licenses. And which goes something like: network neutrality and free transit, share-alike and attribution if you build upon the network.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by mitar

When drafting above ideas I was taking into account these licenses. If you know about any other, please share (can add to that wiki as well).

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by mitar

Nice list of freedoms (from this paper):

  • Freedom to use the network, as long the other users, the contents, and the network itself are respected.
  • Freedom to learn the working details of network elements and the network as a whole. Freedom to disseminate the knowledge and the spirit of the network.
  • Freedom to offer services and contents.
  • By joining the network, the network is extended according to the previous principles.

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by mitar

The question is on what other law we should link this agreement to make it enforceable. The question is, do we really want to make it enforceable (will we ever really go to a court) or maybe we just want rules of the game which would legitimize the rest of the network to cut of/disconnect a node which does not play by those rules?

But I see two approaches we could take:

  • use the law which forbids unauthorized access to computer networks, and create a license that if you are accessing wlan slovenija network, you can do it, but under the conditions above (one of those is that you provide your mesh network under the same conditions further, so allow other to connect through your node only if they respect those conditions)
  • make wlan slovenija into a trademark and then license that trademark only to those who respect the conditions, so in some way if you want to name something wlan slovenija, it should behave like wlan sloveija network

comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by mitar

Matija Šuklje said once in the past that he might help us with the license a bit.

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