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Wireless link testing day

We are organizing a field day to test possible wireless links before proceeding to a fixed setup. With the first backbone node in Maribor on Urban, a location for setting up long distance links is available, hence we are planning to link our network to Croatia and Austria.

How to participate

If you wish to participate, please follow this website and let us know that you intend to attend on pridi@…. We will keep you up to date with information about the event and possible changes.


  • 07:00 meeting in Hoče (in front of Mercator) and driving up to Pohorje

Google Maps - Point A is meeting in Hoče, Point B is where we will be testing links, accessible by cars normally

  • 08:00 - 12:00 testing links towards Austria and others
  • 12:00 - 15:00 lunch somewhere in Maribor or on Urban, too hot to do anything. Might organize a barbecue.
  • 15:00 - 18:00 testing links towards Croatia and Slatina

(organized by Musti)

General information

  • When: Saturday, July 2nd 2011
  • Where: Slovenia (Pohorje, Maribor, Urban), Austria, Croatia
  • Configuration: to do
  • Communication: Skype
  • Equipment available:
    • 2x RocketDish 30dB - on reverse for testing from

Testing will be done from two different locations in Slovenia - Pohorje and Urban. All the necessary information of links is available below, please refer to this for antenna aiming.


  • Where: Pohorje, east slope, S55UMX location
  • Coordinates:46,51636 15,59179 902,4
  • Links to be tested:

Daniel (at)

Coordinates:47,06222 15,26139 549,9


Horizontal polarization

Equipment: at Pohorje - 30dB Rocket Dish, at Daniel's - Bullet 5HP + 30dB Grid

  • 20MHz
    • Signal: -80dBm
    • Ping: 1-2ms
    • Throughput: 12.8Mbps TX/14Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 10MHz
    • Signal: -77dBm
    • Ping: 2.5ms
    • Throughput: 10Mbps TX/10Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 5MHz
    • Signal: -75dBm
    • Ping: 2.6ms
    • Throughput: 8.5Mbps TX/7.3Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 40MHz
    • Signal: -82dBm
    • Ping: 70ms 53%
    • Throughput: 8.5Mbps TX/7.3Mbps RX (one direction)


This link is feasible as an experimental one.

Mitteregg (at)

Coordinates:46,80219 15,43802 517,1



Equipment: at Pohorje - 30dB Rocket Dish, at Mitteregg - Bullet 5HP + 30dB Grid

  • 20MHz @ 27dBm
    • Signal: -62dBm
    • Ping: 5ms
    • Throughput: 19.5Mbps TX/32Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 20MHz @ 17dBm
    • Signal: -70dBm
    • Throughput: 14.5Mbps TX/31Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 20MHz @ 7dBm
    • Signal: -73dBm
    • Throughput: 7Mbps TX/20Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 20MHz @ 5dBm / 3dBm abroad
    • Signal: -74dBm RX, abroad -80dBm
    • Throughput: 1Mbps TX/14Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 10MHz @ 27dBm
    • Signal: -63dBm
    • Ping: 5ms
    • Throughput: 11Mbps TX/11Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 10MHz @ 5dBm
    • Signal: -76dBm
    • Throughput: 2Mbps TX/9.5Mbps RX (one direction)


This link is feasible, the output power is not linearly related to the received one, might be due to Fresnel zone interference.


  • Where: Urban, S56ABC location
  • Coordinates:46,60379 15,60347 581,3
  • Links to be tested:

Slatina (si)

Coordinates:46,34125 15,97004 300


  • 40MHz @ 27dBm
    • Signal: -66dBm
    • Throughput: 88Mbps TX/50Mbps RX (one direction)
  • 40MHz @ 10dBm
    • Signal: -74dBm
    • Throughput: 88Mbps TX/48Mbps RX (one direction) : Duplex: 86Mbps
  • 20MHz @ 27dBm
    • Signal: -65dBm
    • Throughput: 80Mbps TX/30Mbps RX (one direction) : Duplex: 63Mbps
  • 20MHz @ 10dBm
    • Signal: -73dBm
    • Throughput: 60Mbps TX/25Mbps RX (one direction) : Duplex: 36Mbps
  • 10MHz @ 10dBm
    • Signal: -70dBm
    • Ping: 3ms 0%
    • Throughput: 33Mbps TX/16Mbps RX (one direction) : Duplex: 36Mbps


This link is feasible, is advised to be tested for a longer period.

Varaždin (hr)

Coordinates:46,30997 16,33392 174,5



Link unsuccessful due to weather conditions in Varaždin.

Report of Wireless link testing day

On a rather cool July Saturday we have tested three international links between Slovenia, Austria and Croatia and one backbone extension in Slovenia. Most links have performed better then predicted, hence we are working on improving the prediction methods. Moreover, most of the links perform better when using low signal output and narrower channel width, moreover they are more stable. Enough information has been gathered to construct permanent links, that can be used for further settings optimization, passing experimental traffic in the first phase. It was established, that long stable links can be established with relatively low output power and that dual polarization (effectively the use of 802.11n) does make a significant difference. Furthermore, Skype is essential over an independent internet link as it enables a very effective coordination of both sides, Google Earth because it enables a visual perspective with links drawn, that can be easily extrapolated by eye to the actual setup.

You can find technical details further down the page under Tested links.



001 004 006

Two Rocket Dishes, one pointing towards Mitteregg and Daniel's, the other to Urban for a link to the backbone.

005 007 010

Combined team from Slovenia and Croatia tested these links, sharing experience and ideas.

009 002 003 008

We are online always, even in the nature. And mighty antennas stand proud and tall.

(photos by Tomaž)


001 002 003

Antenna setup and alignment towards Slovenia.

(photos by Daniel)


001 002 003

004 005

Antenna setup and alignment towards Slovenia.

(photos by Stefan)