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Short instructions for registering and setting up a wlan slovenija node

Setting up a new node is very simple, only a supported wireless router and a computer are required. Questions and help requests can be set via web form, mailing lists or live on chat.

A new node can be set up by first registering it in the online node database of wlan slovenija network and then loading the firmware image generated by the system to your router.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Create an account if you do not happen to have one, allowing you to use node database.
  2. Visit node database and log in.
  3. Select My Nodes.
  4. Select New node. Now you are registering a new node.
    1. Node type select: Wireless node.
    2. Project select according to your location, Test is the right choice if nothing else suits.
    3. Node name is automatically generated from the next field.
    4. Location Enter your address, the system will find it. Please make sure that the map view contains your location. The location can be manually set by clicking on the map.
    5. Check Require direct connection to a VPN server.
    6. Router type should be that of your router.
    7. Select a password or use the generated one (recommended). You can see the password after registration as well.
    8. Select Register.
  5. Select Generate image and confirm Generate image.
  6. You will be emailed the link to a firmware image for your router. Select the one with ending .bin. Important: For some routers there are several links, each for a different hardware version. Link includes for example ver2 for version 2. Download the firmware for your router by clicking on the link. (the version is written underneath the device)
  7. Connect the router to your computer, open its web interface. IP and login details are normally indicated on the device or in its instructions.
  8. Find the option Firmware upgrade and select the firmware you have downloaded. If the upgrade fails, try to shorten the firmware name.
  9. After flashing connect the WAN port of your router to your home network. The node is now set up, after a few minutes it should be seen as online at node database.
  10. Find among wireless connections and connect to it. ( is only for connecting nodes between each other.)

Short instructions how to upgrade an existing (WR741ND) wlan slovenija access point.

  1. Go to nodes base and login.
  2. Go to My Nodes.
  3. Select the access point you want to upgrade and click Edit node.
  4. Make sure that you selected router type is wr741nd [EXPERIMENTAL], note the password apply the changes.
  5. Click Generate and confirm Generate.
  6. You will get an email containing the link to your firmware. Important: The first link is for the version 2 of the router, the second link is for version 4. (the version is written underneath the device)
  7. Connect to your access point.
  8. Establish a ssh connection, user name is "root", password is the one you set when setting up/upgrading your access point.
  9. Run the following commands:
    cd /tmp/
    wget <link from the email>
    mtd -r write <name of the firmware file.bin> firmware

Congratulations, you just upgraded your access point to the last version.

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