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Ta projekt združuje sodelujoče, ki so bili izgnani v London, da tam pridno študirajo in se česa novega naučijo.

Kontaktna oseba je Musti,

This project contains everybody we have exiled into London to study there and learn something new. The aim of this project is mainly to have a small development network abroad, so testing can be done on site; cooperation with educational institutions and student projects is desired, but has not been established yet.

The contact person is Musti,

Odprti ticketi / Open tickets

Sledijo odprti ticketi za ta projekt. Če najdeš kaj, kar bi te zanimalo (da se kaj naučiš) oziroma kjer bi lahko pomagal/a, se kar javi (lahko kar v ticketu pustiš kakšen komentar, ali dodaš svoje uporabniško ime v Cc polje).

Open tickets for this project follow. If you find something you are interested in (to learn something) or where you would like to help, just get in contact (you can also leave a comment in the ticket, or add your username to the Cc field).

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